Lockdown easing! Here's everything we're able to do again...

It’s official, lockdown is easing once again. And this time were closer to normality than ever before! Bit confused on the do’s and don’ts? Keep reading to find out…

Up to 6 people to meet indoors-

That’s right! We can finally meet up with friends indoors, no more shivering for a catch up! Girl’s nights are officially on and we can’t wait. Not only can we meet indoors, but also overnight says with up to 5 friends can go ahead too! Which means… Bestie sleepovers, movie nights, takeaways, the list goes on.


Up to 30 friends can meet outdoors- 

Not only can we meet indoors with 5 friends, but keeping the party outdoors means you can now meet up to 29 friends outside! It sounds crazy, but summer BBQ’s, garden parties and fire-pit nights are back on. This is ideal for all those summer birthdays coming up… (lucky you!)


Pubs, restaurants, and bars reopen indoors- 

The one we’ve all been waiting for… INDOOR DINING. Forget the coat, ditch the umbrella, and get your glam on! Because we can finally eat and drink indoors. Not only that, there’s no substantial meals needed AND no curfew! Absolute luxury…


Hotels and B&B's reopen Cinemas, theatres, concert halls reopen- 

Mini breaks are on! Hotels and B&B’s are reopening today, meaning we can go for city breaks across the UK. Where will be your first destination of choice? Along with this, Cinemas, theatres, and concert halls have reopened. Meaning you could go away for the weekend, go to the theatre, and enjoy some indoor dining… Who would’ve thought!


Indoor exercise classes-

Indoor exercise classes are back. The gym isn’t for everyone, and neither is outdoor exercise… but if yoga is more up your street, then now is your time to shine! With all exercise classing returning indoors.

Hugging! But make sure its cautiously...

For the first time since lockdown 1.0 started, we can now hug loved ones! This is going to be a huge day for a lot of families today, so make it a memorable one.


Holidays are back! (ish...)-

Officially holidays abroad are set to launch from today. However, as you probably know there’s a lot of stipulations that come with it sadly. BUT, as long as you choose a green list destination, there will be no isolation period when coming home. Our top destination of choice at the moment is sunny Portugal.


Up to 30 people can attend weddings-

Its time to celebrate! As weddings can now be up to 30 guests, and summers soon approaching, wedding season is back on…


Hopefully, the easing will be for good this time… Which are you most looking forward too? We can’t WAIT to get back to the restaurants and bars without having to wear all the layers!

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