5 Ways to Destress

Many of us have found lockdown restrictions stressful - thankfully, these are soon ending, but next we have to deal with going back to normality and adjusting to another ‘new normal’ whether that’s booking into the beer garden or queuing to get to high street fix. So, we’ve put together a small list of tips to help you destress this National Stress Awareness day.  
1. Meditation/yoga 
Meditation and yoga are one of the best ways to destress, recommended by many experts. It can help to relax both your body and mind. Helping to release bottled up energy and help you become super flexible. Plus, it's an excuse to buy some fresh new workout fits, it’s a win win!  
2. Pamper evening 
A pamper session never fails to make you feel relaxed! With spa’s being jam packed with bookings, take the opportunity to do your own treatments at home! We recommend a hot bath accompanied by a hair and face mask followed by a movie night with your favourite drink and snacks!  
3. Tidy up/ organise 
Having a little spring clean always helps to feel relieved and relaxed. After all, tidy space, tidy mind! Set your self a time slot to tackle an area to tidy, whether it be one draw or one room. We can guarantee you’ll feel a million times better for it. Before you know it, your spaces will be clutter-free and sparkling clean. 
4. Exercise 
A little fresh air can go a long way! And now with the gyms and swimming pools open too, the exercise options are limitless. Leave behind the stress and get your pulse raised with some exercise. Even if it’s just a quick walk to the shops. Our top tip for getting back into exercising, is to train with a friend. Not only can you keep each other motivated, but it also makes you less likely to quit if you don’t want to let them down. 
5. Digital detox- read a book 
Nowadays we do absolutely everything digitally, and sometimes it can be causing you stress without even realising. A digital detox can be the best thing for this! Dedicate some time to do digital-free activities like reading, drawing, trying something new… take up knitting? Your mind will thank you, trust us! Our favourite detox read at the moment is Florence Given- Women Don’t Owe You Pretty. 
We could go on with tips and tricks, as there's so many options!  
A few more important steps include eating healthy and getting enough sleep. Your body may be lacking in some important TLC and a little added love can go a long way. Alongside this drink LOADS of water. Hydration is key with so many health benefits, so don’t skip this step out, Health is wealth! 

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