4 things to do when self-isolating!

It's safe to say 2020 has been an emotional year, and its only 3 months in!Summer is fast approaching and its looking like most of the world are self isolating due to COVID-19. So initially we all thought the idea of working from home sounded amazing, but lets be real - the boredom will kick in real soon.
Here are our TOP 4 things to do!

1. Netflix and Chill 

Okay so this is clearly the first option. Binge out on a whole series, or maybe try something abit different? Grab some snacks (or anything you actually manage to find at the supermarket), change into your sianmarie loungewear (now on sale) and get cosy because we are about to list some of the must watch series...

  • Sex Education
  • Not only is the series absolutely hilarious, but also takes a look into a lot of important subjects - following socially awkward student Otis on his journey to delve into the world of love making. But we mostly love the fact that the series gave us this iconic moment which is pretty important right now!

    wash your hands you dirty pig

    Black Mirror
    This anthology series will well and truly leave you with more questions than answers. With each episode following a different story line its a really easy watch and mainly focuses on how modern technology can manipulate peoples behaviour - with twisted but clever storylines. 

  • The Stranger
    Its mysterious and abit eerie but most importantly completely addictive - prepare to binge on the whole series in one sitting. A web of secrets sends a family man on a desperate quest - to discover the truth.

  • 2. Abit of YOU time

    With a hectic lifestyle - time is often of the essence. We are busy bees and rarely have the time for self-care/self-love. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Spend that extra half hour in the bath, turn off your phone, pull out those facemasks you haven't yet used, create a killer skincare routine, get the full nights sleep you've been craving. Do you girl. Nurture your mind and body and re-energise!

    Needing some inspo?

  • Here are our favourite (sk)influencers to follow on socials:
  • - Tati Westbrook @glamlifeguru
    - Monica Veloz @Monicastylemuse
    - Em Ford @mypaleskinblog

    3. Home workouts

    So the gym may be closed and you may be surrounded by food (or toilet paper), but lets keep that body moving! No excuses.

    Remember healthy body, healthy mind.

    We all know how refreshed a good sweaty gym session can make us feel, and its even more entertaining when doing it from home. Move out your sofa and get searching the internet for some amazing home workout inspo!

  • Here is our favourite - its easy, doesn't need much room, and you can push yourself has hard as you want.

    GO GIRL!:

  • 4. Family / Friend / Couple time

    Lets reconnect! There's no doubt that busy working lives and social media can cause us to lose touch with those we love the most. Lets put down our phones & make effort to build those relationships now that we have the time. Make 'you' time as a couple, spend special time with mum & dad or take it old school and pull out the old board games with the kids. This quote sums it up!

    self-isolating quote

  •  Needing some cosy lounge for your self-isolation days? Look no further! 


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