How we're supporting the NHS & keeping you safe!

Isolation is in full swing and we should only be leaving our homes to exercise and buy essential foods. It’s such a tough time for everyone and at Sian Marie we wanted to do something to help!

Its looking like Summer may see us staying home and staying safe, no holidays and no chance to get to wear our beautiful bikinis and so we’ve have decided to recycle our fabrics into protective face masks for our lovely nation - donating ALL profits to the NHS heroes for their amazing work!

The masks are created by recycling our double lined nylon fabrics – they are thick, offer full coverage and some include a padded insert for extra protection.  These are not clinical masks but they will both protect you from others and others from you. Wearing a mask will not stop you from getting coronavirus but they WILL be effective at capturing droplets which are the main transmission route – meaning it is much more effective to wear a mask than not when you’re doing your shopping or exercising outdoors.

Alongside wearing masks remember you MUST continue to wash your hands frequently for a long period of time, keep your 2m distance from others and you also must WASH your mask after every use to keep it clean.

We have designed a variety of styles in a range of colours in a campaign to urge our customers to stay safe as well as raising money to help the wonderful NHS for the fabulous work they are doing. Join us in showing your support and staying safe, shop our face mask below:



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