Make Your Own Autumn Boots

So we're midway through October!... My favourite time (and month) of the year because not only is it the month I was born… but out comes the A/W wardrobe - fur coats, Autumn boots, chunky scarves and cosy nights by the fire with a hot chocolate! YES

So here’s a little something from me to brighten up your Autumn and guarantee that your feet are on fleek this season! One of my fave looks for A/W are high knee boots, but I always find when I buy heeled boots the heel is either too low or way too high! 

After playing around in my studio I found a fabulous way to recreate my own self-made fitted boots in any colour I wanted – & stick with my most comfortable pair of heels!

I’m sooooo excited to share this with you, its super low budget and really simple to do… I promise! I’ve written a step-by-step guide below with pictures to follow so you can get the clook for yourself – without even having to leave the house!

All you need is… - A pair of pointed heels - A pair of socks - A pair of scissors … & 5 minutes spare!

  1. Find a pair of pointed heels in the colour you want to create your boots. Find/buy a pair of thick, high quality socks in your chosen leg length – try to colour match the socks as closely as you can to your pointed heels.

 Boots Step 1

  1. Roll up each of your socks and pull them over the front of the pointed heels (just how you would if you were putting them on your own foot) Pull the socks taut.

 Boots Step 2

  1. Create a tiny scissor snip in the sock where it sits on the heel of the shoe. This will then allow you to pull the sock over the heel which will make the two items look like a boot.

Boots Step 3

  1. VOILA… You’ve transformed your old heels into a FABULOUS new pair of fitted boots.

    TIPS: To strengthen the bottom of your new boots you could also buy a pair of self-adhesive rubber grips pads to stick on the balls of your shoes (try this link, they are super cheap!) but if your wanting a quick fuss-free fix roll with the boots as they are.

Boots Step 4 autumn boots  

Literally in love with my new boots …and just think, the possibilities are endless – patterned socks, knitted socks, lacey socks.
IMG_4343 FullSizeRender

How would you wear yours?

I’d love to hear below 


  • Zeina S

    Well Done! Very well deserved, wishing you all the luck. Will defo be bk on the site. Merry Xmas!!

  • Dee

    Well done, your final pitch was fantastic. Worthy winner, good luck to you

  • Alan sweetner

    Can’t believe it… you won!
    No original ideas and no business sense. Unbelievable

  • Helen

    Not sure about this one, Sian! Well done on your Apprentice win though. Happy Christmas :)

  • Alan Sucre

    Ridiculous idea! You’d be forever washing socks because the bottoms would get dirty immediately.

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